There was once a vibrant light who was taught that she should dim her glow. They told her that it was arrogant to shine so bright. Others led her to believe it was disloyal to glow when their light was dimming.

Eventually this vibrant light decided to turn her glow so low that she lived as a shadow, grateful to have any passing light near which to stand. What she never knew was that the other lights stood close to her because they wanted to shine bright as well; that they sought her incandescence as much as she sought theirs.

One day another vibrant light said to her, “Thank you for shining upon me. My life is brighter because of you.” Surprised by this, she responded, “But I am just a shadow–it is you who shine upon me.” The fellow light was confused, he stepped back and pointed to the other lights, “I do not understand what you mean–we all wait for a chance to shine with you. You brighten us as we brighten you.” In slight disbelief, the vibrant light looked around herself and realized that she was far from a shadow; that she had simply turned blind to her own glow.

From that day forward the vibrant light remained vibrant. When it was her time to dim, she smiled and felt gratitude for the many years she spent shining.

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