you sit across a table from me, lovely freckles and long red hair resting calmly over your cozy sweater we glance at one another and look away where do we direct our gazes? we acknowledged the awkwardness of meeting this way soulful conversations similarities between irish and mexican cultures the loneliness of missing ireland mutual depressions our fear that others will run the moment they realize we are depressives the way music and our careers save us from death the restaurant is getting louder the insipid artificial beats are bullets to the soul i can feel your introverted exhaustion just as i’m feeling my own i ask you over-stimulation for both of us let’s end with a long walk a mile in i can feel you pulling inward and you explain that you need to go inside yourself and listen to music i smile and tell you to continue the walk without me i understand i want to run into myself as well it’s tiring to be in loud places it’s exhausting to meet somebody new even if you enjoy them i can feel your soulful fragility I’m touched that you want to run away your belly is full of connection and you need to let it settle you call me adorable and hug me on your tip toes i call you lovely as you put your number into my phone and we agree to see one another again i hope i do but if not i thank you for showing me how that how beautiful a soulful fragile freak can be it gives me hope that i am as well

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