i have five sets of bed sheets in my cupboards they are not for guests but in case someday i decide to be a person who does not do laundry three of the five are blue i like cool colors because my skin is always warm and my mind is easily tricked they are cheap budget brand sheets but my cheeks believe they are soft and they know very well what is soft and what is not my pillows are old and flat but two flat ones together are a good height i sleep on my side with a hand beneath the flat pillows i also have a fluffy pillow the other hand grips it and holds it against my chest if the fluffy pillow had ears it would listen to my heartbeat in my world fluffy pillows are for hearts and flat pillows are for heads my neck has never hurt so in this one tiny area of life i possess great wisdom i would like to write an entire book about sheets and pillows and cheeks and hearts but i have already shared everything i know so this is my book

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