Is it wrong to want to spend the day in bed when I can see from it the gorgeous red geraniums framed by the kitchen window? Is it bad to remain prone when I can see to my right the people and cars going to and fro? When my comforter warms, ever so gently, my bare legs and torso? What better thing is out there for me today? Here I can daydream and fantasize from every part of me.

My drowsy lover lies next to me on her side facing the window. I slowly trace her silhouette with the silky tickle of a geranium, following each brush of the flower with a gentle kiss. She guides me with her breath and with her body movements. The light touch of the petals are too ticklish. I toss the flower aside and rely on my kisses and the firm, but gentle, touch of the flat of my hand. A sensual feedback system…

I wake up with vim and vigor. My philosophy is that sleep is for the dead. I can’t wait to join the whirling and twirling of the life down there outside my window. To go buy a cup of coffee and flirt and joke and chat. My friends think I’m fun to be around. I rarely feel exhausted. I don’t have the slightest notion what it means to want to spend the day in bed.

I won’t bore my readers with more…I can say that the kid would probably have a superhero fantasy or a fantasy about being held like a baby. The psychotherapist would be excited to read and learn more. Etc. My point is that here right now the possibilities are endless. I can be almost anything.

How can I approximate any of this in my day today?

In lieu of the lover I could take a long warm shower and feel the water falling onto my skin. In lieu of the man with vim and vigor I could force myself to take a walk and remember to smile at someone. In lieu of being a superhero I could read a comic before work…I will. But I won’t lie: it’s hard to give this up. It’s so comfortable here.

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